Farm News

On May 31, 2011, our first baby of the Summer came!  This is Duke, son of Shasta.  At only a week old he is running and playing in the pasture.  He’s the first of 12 or so babies of the year and we’re pretty darn excited!


Shearing Day 2011 was a success!  On May 28th, all 38 alpacas got their Summer haircuts. Our barn is overflowing with the finest fleece!  Stop by our Etsy page to help lighten our load.    (This is Carmen after her first shearing.  See photo below for a ‘before’ photo!)


Carmen and The Sheep


We’ve had some amazing winter weather here in the NW this last week.  Here’s a glimpse into how things looked.


Just another beautiful day on the farm!


2010 Shearing was a success!  We have lots of new luxurious fleece and it’s all up on our etsy shop!

the fruits of a hard day shearing!


One of our new crias, Carmen,  has befriended Adrienne, our farmhand.   Here they are during their evening ‘training’.


In the Spring of 2010 we were lucky to have 9 new babies born!  What was most amazing was that 8 were females! Here are a few photos of their first weeks.


For Lee’s Birthday this year, the family set about creating a wonderful spread in the pasture.  Flowers from the property, food from the garden– it was a gorgeous affair!  The alpacas seemed to enjoy themselves too!  We didn’t have such a bad time ourselves.

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