Raw White Fleece

Our quality herd produces amazing and fine fleece!

We currently offer raw, carded, or spun alpaca fiber.  Our fleece is 100% Huacaya Alpaca and is raised on our sustainable and organic farm.  The raw fleece has been skirted. Carded fleece comes in 2 oz. amounts and is picked.

Knitters, felters, and spinners adore our fiber and are always writing to tell us how wonderful it is to work with.

Visit for our full inventory.  Let us know if you have any special requests!








Seattle Magazine ventured out to the farm to interview Adrienne about her use of the alpaca’s fiber in her garment making.  See the machines we use to process the fiber for felting or spinning.  Here’s the video!



Scroll down to see some felted and knitted pieces from our herd’s fleece.

Carded Brown Fleece – Ready to spin or felt!
Spun Fawn Yarn — SO warm and soft!

Knitted Alpaca Cowl

Felted Alpaca Hat



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